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What's wrong with this picture?

Me: I just put a deposit down on some mini sheep!

Sensible Dear Friend: You what?! More animals? Are you crazy?

People say we have our fingers in a lot of pies. I like to say our farm is diverse. Years ago most farms were. All the creatures on our farm play a role in the health of the land. The chickens - even the birds who have ceased to lay eggs - and the guineas, are our pest control patrol. The worst bugs, like grasshoppers are kept in check. They also roam after the goats, eliminating parasites. The goats, not only supply us with amazing milk for cheese making, but also contribue on the back end- or via the back end- you might say, being the major source of fertilizer for grape vines, fruit trees & whatever else we are growing. It's amazing to watch and see what nature is capable of when all the elements are there to play their part. So what is wrong with this picture? Well, it is a large clump of bluebonnets growing right around the base of the grapevine. Bluebonnets are nitrogen fixers. Behind the scenes, they are working hard to convert the goat manure into some great nitrogenous compounds for the grapevine. No Round Up needed round here thank you very much! We don't think there is one darn thing wrong with that picture!